Thursday, December 23, 2010

Turtleneck clutch for the winter

This year we are facing a cold winter in Mumbai after many years. This is the coolest winter we have had since February of 2008 when the temperatures had plunged to 8 degrees during day time. This year the minimum temperature has been hovering  around 13-14 degrees centigrade. Early mornings, I sit by my window, covered in a nice warm woolen shawl and a hot cup of green tea as I read the newspapers. Some of the evenings, I have had to keep the windows almost closed to save myself from the cold winds. So keeping with the wintery situation we are facing now, I decided to make a turtleneck clutch for myself. Thanks to SkaMama at for this wonderful pattern. I tweaked it a little to match my sari which I plan to wear for a dear friend's wedding next week.



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