I love trying out new recipes and tasting new cuisines.  I am also trying my best to reinvent old traditional recipes some of which have never been heard by the present generations. Whenever I hear someone reminiscing about some dish which his/her mother or grandmother used to prepare, I wonder why we don't know about these recipes. With every new generation, the older recipes are getting buried deeper and deeper in the sands of time. So I am making an effort to collect these long-forgotten recipes from my Grandmother, relatives, friends etc. If you have any such recipes which you would like to share with the rest of the world, please feel free to do so. After all old is gold!! Here's a list of all the tried and tested recipes.

Mirchi ka salan
Almond oatmeal cookies
Home made flat noodles
Onion thamballi
Spicy macaroni and corn on toast
Fruit gateau, a fruit cake
Pav or dinner rolls
Murg kali miri tikka
Whole wheat baked crackers
Baked nippattu
spicy squid
Haldi paan Patholi

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