Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Respect, respect, respect!

In the past one week, I have come across many individuals (salesmen, executives etc) who take their customers for granted!! For example: a bank executive was supposed to come to our place to collect some necessary documents and for four days in a row, he kept promising to come only to back off at the last minute!! The first time he did that, I told myself that something urgent must have come up and so I gave him the benefit of doubt. But it kept happening again and again.  On last Sunday, in spite of informing us that he would visit our place between 9 and 10 in the morning, when he did not turn up until 10:30 a.m, I gave him a call only to be taken aback when he cheekily told me that he was just waking up!!!!! And he said that soo coolly that I was actually surprised at his laid back attitude.  He was happily lost in his dreamland, while we were left cooling our heels!  When I make an appointment to meet someone, be it for official work or for personal work, I make sure that I am on time.  If at all I am delayed, I at least make an effort to inform that person regarding the delay. But this attitude is missing these days. Nobody seems to be bothered about the other person. Each day, the world is progressing, becoming better in science and technology, but are we losing our values?? In our quest of becoming better in terms of wealth and status, are we forgetting to become better individuals?  When I as an individual, respect other people and their time, I expect the same from others. I refuse to be taken for granted. If you cannot keep your promise, do not make one. If you cannot reach on time for an appointment, do not fix one. Let us pledge today to make a little more effort towards being more respectful towards other people and value their time. If each one of us makes that one small change in our lives, I am sure, we will not only have a better place to live in, we will ourselves become better from within!

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kavita said...

kya baat kya baat kya baat....maar hi daaloge!!


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