Thursday, October 07, 2010

Japanese Flower Purse update-2

The bag rectangle is now ready. It is 21 x 27 inches, consists of 63 flowers and 48 interlocks.  It took me 5 days to complete the entire block!

Next the side with 9 flowers is stitched together with single crochet stitches to compress it into 5 inches. Multiple petals are joined together with single crochet stitches to form the mouth of the bag.

Flowers are bunched together to form the central edge

The central edging is done on both sides consisting of 9 flowers each. The bag is then folded so that both the edgings form the mouth of the bag. The remaining open edges of the bag are then stitched in the same manner to create a wider opening of the bag.


Anonymous said...

may i ask how you did the interlockings? and what stitch to use for the opening of the bag?

Mangala said...

The interlocking is done the same way as the flowers but with some variations. I did 4 chain, made into a ring. Then made 5 chains, interlocked into one of the free flower petals, again 5 chains, join in the ring. Repeat 7 more times. So eight petals of the interlocking are formed.
For the mouth opening, use sc joining 2 petals at a time.

peggy said...

hi...your blog is great!!i am doing the same project right now...and i am wondering how am i going to do the simple crochet row through th by one or all through all the petals together?please let me know!!urgent!!i wait you for a visit at my bloghouse!!greetings from creative Greece xD

peggy said...

hi...i am doing the same project right know and i am wondering how am i going to do the single crochet row through the by one or all the petals together?urgent!!i wait you for a visot at my bloghouse...greetings from creative Greece!!xD

Mangala said...

Hi Peggy, thanks for ur comments. You have to single crochet through multiple stitches at the same time. The outermost line of flowers will have 6 petals free on top and only the flowers at the extreme ends of the row will have 4 petals on their sides.First take the flower on the extreme right on the row of 9 flowers. Out of the six petals on top, take the first 2 petals and make a sc thru both of them together. Then make 1 sc each in the next two petals. Then 1 sc in the remaining two petals of the first flower and 2 petals of the next flower. So it is 1 sc thru four petals. Again 1 sc each in the next two petals (which will be the middle petals of the next flower)and again 1 sc thru 2 petals of the second flower n 2 petals of the third flower. Continue till you reach the end of the row. make 1 chain turn, and make 1 sc in each of the sc below. make 3-4 lines of sc and u will see that the side will become smaller in size. Repeat the same on the other side. so u will have 2 narrower sides now that will make the opening of the bag. Repeat the same on the other 2 sides that have 7 flowers each. When u sc thru the 7-flower side, continue to make a long handle to join on the other side. The handles and the 7-flower sides are worked together. If you still have any doubts, feel free to contact me at my email id.


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