Saturday, October 23, 2010

Go green update

The spinach cuttings that were planted last week failed to grow, with most of the cuttings having withered away. But the mint is growing nicely and will soon be mature enough to be used in my cooking. The surprise element is that about four days ago I had planted a small onion just to see if it would grow in my little pot.  Yesterday morning when I was watering the plants, the onion looked the same as it was when planted and I chided myself for being impatient about its growth.  In the evening, as I sat by my window with my crochet, I noticed a glint of green on top of the onion.  On looking closer, I noticed a small shoot peeking out and that made me so very happy!! Today, when I visited my plants in the morning, there was a nice visual treat for me.

Springing up!!

The onion had four small green shoots coming out of it!! It seems to be a sudden growth. I am soo excited!! The small shoots have given a spring in my steps. Yay!!
 Will keep you updated on the greens :)

1 comment:

kavita said...

khaane ko kab milega bhai!!! dekhne se pet nai bharega mera darling!!


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