Saturday, October 02, 2010

Japanese Flower Purse

The new bag that I am making is made up of flowers which are connected to one another in rows of 9 x 7. That makes it 63 flowers!!!! My goal is to make three rows of 7 flowers each day. And yay!!! I did complete yesterday's quota of 21 flowers.

I am making use of wool for the entire bag. Each flower is made up of two colours; a base of a darker colour ( I used rust) and petals made of a lighter colour (I used cream).  From whatever I understood by looking at the pictures of the completed bag is that each flower base is made up on 16 double crochets (dc). First, I made a ring of 6 chains (ch), then 3 ch + 15 dc to form the base. Then with the lighter colour, I made the 16 petals. the petals are made of chains and only chains. I made each petal of 20 chains connecting them to the next stitch (st) with a slip stitch (sl).  Thus 16 petals are formed. The pattern is worked in such a way that each flower is connected to the next flower through the petals itself. They get connected as they are made, i.e. one does not make all the flowers individually and then connect them. Instead after the first flower is made, the second flower gets connected to the first as the petals are being made on the second one. The petal chains of the second flower are intertwined with the petals of the first flower, so that both flower get linked. Two flowers get connected through two petals each. So a flower gets connected to four flowers through eight petals. Each flower I made is about 3 inches in diameter. So the base of 7 x 9 flowers will be 21 x 37 inches!!


alaknanda said...

bag ke chakkar mein u hv forgottn shevai and fried pathrado it seems....hmmppfff

Mangala said...

my creativity is not limited to feeding your mouth only! ;)


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