Thursday, July 28, 2011

Ninth Japanese bag!!!

Of all my crochet creations, the Japanese flower bag has been loved by most. Till date, over the last few months, I have made nine such bags at least. I am so familiar with the design now, that my sister jokes I will be able to make it in my sleep, one bag each night!! I wont be surprised myself if I manage to do that!!

Anyways, each bag is as loved as the others and each has been made with  love and dedication.  This one's for a young girl, S, in UAE whose favourite colour is PINK.

1 comment:

peggy said...

beeatiful colours!!10 bags?thats great!!i am struggling with the very first!!i left you a comment about the single crochet!!i will be happy if my result come up close to yours!!they are A W S O M E!!bRAVO


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