Thursday, July 14, 2011

Attacked, yet again!

In contrast to my last post where I described how happy I am living in Mumbai, today is a gloomy and sad day! We have been attacked, yet again!!! This is the third terrorist attack in Mumbai since I moved here six years ago. The first time it happened was in 2006. We were on a short vacation to Pune when we got the shocking news of the train bombings. I had quit my job just 10 days prior to that incident.  I would have been in one of those trains had I been working on that day. It was the same route I took to reach home every day. After that tragedy, I avoided trains for quite some time but then trains are the lifeline of Mumbai. We have to travel by these local trains to reach our destinations. How much longer could I avoid them? Also the fact that my husband and many of my near and dear ones still traveled daily by these very trains made me resilient.  Again, in 2008, when the terrorists attacked the Taj, the CST, the Oberoi etc., I didn't let my husband go to work for a day. But then how long can we stay cooped up?  How long can we fear death and stop living? Living in Mumbai makes one resilient and ready for any eventuality. But every time terror strikes, it is shocking and scary! And every time we become more resilient! For a few days after such tragic incidents, we are all on our guards for suspicious people, suspicious objects, etc. Then life moves on...until the next strike. How many times will this repeat? How many times do we have to face death and uncertainty? Why are we not safe? Today, I think the only person feeling safe in Mumbai is Mr. Kasab who is protected by 50 commandos. It is ironic, isn't it that the person who unleashed terror on the people of Mumbai is today all safe and sound while the common man does not even know if he can reach back home safely tonight?
Today my thoughts are with the victims and their families whose lives have been changed forever, who have been wounded and scarred for life, whose dreams have been trashed,  who did not live to see another day......


Anonymous said...

Yeah i agree only Kasab the safest man in Mumbai.Government should shoot him dead in front of public don't know what the hell Indian govt doing.

Its high time now in Mumbai.Time to raise black flag.We wish safety to all the Mumbaites

`Black Flag

Bikramjit said...

Our govt is not bothered about us .. Thats the only reason ..

They are happy with there Z security and as long as they are safe the others dont matter ..


NRIGirl said...

Very sorry to hear that... :(


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