Friday, February 04, 2011

My first award!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is the first award I have received for my blog!! I received it from Sangeetha Nambirajan who has a great food blog which I follow. Thanks Sangeetha!! That's very sweet of you to give me this award!

The rules of this award are as follows:
1.  Share seven things about yourself.
2.  Link to the person who gave this award to you, in your post.
3.  Forward this award to 15 other bloggers.
4.  Inform the new awardees by dropping a comment in their blog.

So the seven things about myself that I want to share with you all:
1.  Creative - good at embroidery, crochet, art and craft.
2.  Short tempered - can lose my cool very easily.
3.  Love to learn new things in life - I believe there's also so much more to learn and it is never too late to learn anything new.
4.  Responsible - entrust me with anything and consider it done.
5.  Informative - My  friends call me "yellow pages". I have answers for all their queries.
6.  Love to travel with my husband.
7.  I make it a point to remember anniversaries and birthdays and wish people. Love to bring a smile on someone's face.

Now its my turn to pass on this award. And the awardees are:
1. Stranger at
2.  Rajashree Prasad of Why?
3.  Vinita Sharma of Vinnie's tattings
4.  A of Simply Speaking by A Simple Blogger
5.  Usha of Sizzling Indian Recipes
6.  Satya of Supper yummy recipes
7.  Lovestitch of Stitch of love
8.  Franca of
9.  Kasthurirajam of Manika
10. Monita of Voyage de la vie
11. Mak of Journey never ends
13. Azzurra of
14. Reshmi Mahesh of fun with food
15. Kavin of

Congratulations to all the awardees...happy blogging!


A said...

Oh My God. I am honored. Seriously I mean it. It is very very nice to know that you think that way. Why do I say it :- Typically bloggers become friends and personal friendship comes into play for awards. But in all honesty I read your blog and you do also but we are not really close friends - now we will be.

An award coming from a neutral reader makes it special.

Thanks a lot :)))

Mak said...

Hey Mangala, This is very interesting. I feel really honored to be a recipient of this award. Thanks to you.

Mangala said...

@A: u truly deserve it. I know how it feels when a relatively stranger appreciates you and your work. It is truly a great feeling. M glad I made u happy! Happy blogging!
@Mak: u are welcome and truly, I am really happy I passed on the award to u too..Happy blogging!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Managala. I am touched. I will try my best to follow the rules too. I miss all of you..take u lots

raji said...

Thanks mangs..:)

raji said...

So cute! nice to read the qualities in you:)

lovestitch said...

Wow, Mangala, congrats on your first award, you definitely deserve it!
Thank you very very much for passing this lovely award to me! I'm very honored! You really made my day, so thank you! :)
Have a nice weekend!
LS, xxx

Thendral said...

Thank you. This is the first award I am getting. You are very generous to pass the award to me. I love the good qualities in you and my best wishes to you.

Mangala said...

congrats to u all!! Happy blogging!

kasthurirajam said...

thank you dear.this is the first award for happy .

alak said...

i also want award yaaaaa

Usha said...

Mangala, please pardon my late arrival. Thanks for honoring me with Stylish blogger feels special..nice to know little more about you.

just want to mention one thing that I have very limited interaction with blogger community so I won't be able to pick 15 bloggers...but I will try to complete other rules.Thanks.

Mangala said...

@Usha, no probs about not sharing it with 15 others. I feel u need to share only if you genuinely believe they are worthy of being awarded.

Vinnie said...

Hi Mangala, Thank You so much for the Award. My, Am I surprised and Happy!
I've been away from my blog lately, therefore the late response.
I'll surely pass it on once I get time, and that may not be sometime soon......
Thanks again.

Mona said...

Tnk u soooooo much Mangala..I am quite late to see this.. ur so sweet :)


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