Saturday, August 14, 2010

Rajasthan by road - day 4, Bikaner to Jaisalmer

Today, we traveled to Jaisalmer, in the heart of the Thar desert. Also known as the Golden City, most monuments in Jaisalmer are made out of the yellow sandstone which looks golden in the sunlight. Even the sand in the desert is golden in colour giving the desert an almost ethereal look. From Jaisalmer we drove to the Sam sand dunes which is about 40 km away from the city. This is the place where movies like Border, Refugee etc were filmed. One can hire a camel to discover the sand dunes.  The sand dunes look very pretty especially during the sunset. We had a great experience travelling on the camels to the vast expanse of the desert.
Sam sand dunes

One can also stay overnight at the dunes.  There are many campsites which provide tent-like accommodation for a night.   The package includes overnight stay in a tent, folk dance and cultural show at night, dinner, camel ride, breakfast etc. Do not book the tents online because the picture that is presented online is far from the truth.  If you are travelling to the desert in the off-season, you will have enough number of options to choose from once you reach the sand dunes.

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