Thursday, August 05, 2010

Rajasthan by road - day 1

Today, we embarked on our "Rajasthan Discovery", planning to cover all the major destinations of Rajasthan in the next 10 days. We reached Jaipur by air in the evening at around 7.  All our accommodation and hotel bookings have been done by Travelguru. The driver of our hired vehicle picked us up from the airport and we drove straight to Choki Dhani, an ethnic village setting with the Rajasthani magic. At Rs 350 per person, one gets  to enjoy the folk music and dance performances by local artists, puppet shows, magic shows, camel ride, elephant ride and so on.   There are various stalls of Rajasthani food, clothes, jewellery etc. The ticket also includes a traditional Marwadi dinner consisting of various delicacies of the region such as ghatte ki sabzi, aloo dum, palak daal, kadhi, daal bhaati, various chutneys, bajre ki roti smeared liberally with fresh butter, moong dal ka kichda topped with desi ghee and powdered sugar, chaas, raw vegetables, rice and so on, all served in eco-friendly leaf plates and mud tumblers. To top it all, we were also served hot crispy tiny Jalebis that were so delicious that we relished it without feeling guilty about the high number of calories of that one single dinner.

Looking forward to seeing the historical monuments of Jaipur, the pink city, tomorrow.

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