Thursday, July 29, 2010

Medical transcription!

Today, let me explain to all who wish to know what medical transcription is all about. 
According to Wikipedia,  the word transcription refers to the representation of speech in written form.  Medical transcription is basically documentation of patient medical records.  In simpler words, doctors based in US/UK use dictaphones to record  information related to each of their patients such as their medical history, past surgical history, allergies, the medications they are currently on, the problems the patients are suffering from, the course of treatment recommended to the patient, the status of the treatment undertaken, lab results, the followup recommendations etc.  These audio files are then sent to be processed by the medical transcriptionists.  The transcriptionists listen to the audio files and type out the spoken-language source into text or computer file such as a MS word document with a specific  format and then send them back to the doctors to be stored in their database for future reference.  So whenever a patient returns to the doctor for a follow-up, all information pertaining to that patient is readily available to the doctor for his perusal. 

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