Thursday, November 08, 2012

Bangalore update and some new creations

Finally settled well in a rented house in a eastern suburb of Bangalore! Lovely weather here, very pleasant days and cool nights. Feels like heaven when compared to the hot October weather of Mumbai. Getting refreshed by the quiet and calm after living in noisy Mumbai for the last several years, but we do miss the fresh produce in vegetables and fruits which were aplenty in Mumbai.

New place, and some new creations....
After being inspired by the beautiful creations of my clients who buy supplies from me, I decided to make something myself. It had been a long time since I created something beautiful. Maybe all the packing, shifting, and unpacking had taken a toll on my creativity. Now, after settling down here, and breathing in the fresh air of Bangalore, I am getting creative again.

Agate tear drops and semicultured pearls make a  beautiful choker necklace
Going bronze with brown onyx beads and bronze findings

Going traditional with green onyx beads and German silver findings 


Bikramjit said...

those are nice colors indeed ..

all the best in bangalore .. have fun

Mangala said...

Thanks Bikram :)


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