Wednesday, January 18, 2012

There are crazy ppl out there!

In our lives, we come across different types of people on a day to day basis. I too have come across lots n lots of different people. Some are wonderful, some are nice, some are superficial, some are skeptical, some are demeaning, and then there are some who are outright crazy!

Wonderful people: These are some people who go out of their way to appreciate other people and their talent. I have a few clients who swear by my work, who always are on the lookout for new creations in my shop, who always recommend my name to others, and who never fail to encourage or motivate me. Thanks guys!

Nice people: These are people who are nice to your work, your talent, talk sweetly and gently, may or may not buy my creations, may or may not be interested in my work, but always have a good word to say. I like them!

Superficial people: These are people who go on and on saying good things about my creations and telling me how I should set up a boutique/store and how my creations would sell like hot buns and how they would love to possess some of my creations. When I gently remind them about already having a store of my own, they smile and then find some excuse, and change the topic altogether, never mentioning my creations again!

Skeptical people: These are people who are always worried whether I will do a good job on their orders, whether I will be able to get the right colors, whether they will get their money's worth. All this in spite of already having seen my work and my collection!

Demeaning people: These are people who do not respect the fact that hours n hours of time, labor and energy have been spent on each one of these creations. They place orders for bags and give me just a  vague idea of what they want, and in the end, when the bag is ready, they calmly say that that was not what they wanted!! This despite the fact that I always try to do my best and create something special for every client of mine. What I want to say to such people is that, I have succeeded without you and I don't ever want you to have any creation of mine!

Crazy people: Then there are the crazy ones. I had one lady who sent me an email accusing me of passing off some junk as her order and that half the order was missing from the parcel. She in no uncertain terms told me that I was trying to cheat her. After spoiling my peace of mind and exchanging several emails, she finally sends me an email saying that it was not my parcel at all that she was talking about. She had mistaken my name with someone else's!!!!

Do you want to add any other group to the above list?


Bikramjit said...

oooops :)
not goood .. I wish and hope you dont get such people .. All the best in future


Mak said...

Arrogant people ..? may be one more category :)

Mangs...which category do we fall in???? :)

Mangala said...

Thanks Bikram and Mak :)

Mak, you all fall in the wonderful ppl category who always motivate me to do better...


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